Financial Aid

Georgia Military College is dedicated to helping Veterans and dependents of veterans receive educational benefits for which they are entitled. There are several types of benefits available to veterans and dependents of veterans. The Veteran’s Administration and Department of Defense determine eligibility based on many different factors. Please view the link below to learn more about the types of benefits available.

VA Educational Benefits

Overview of Application Process

Applying for veteran’s benefits is a three-part process. Application must be made with the Veteran’s Administration, as well as with the institution attended. All prior college transcripts must be submitted to the institution. Veterans (but not dependents of veterans) must also submit their military transcript to the institution attended.        

Step 1: Apply with the Veteran’s Administration

Step 2: Apply with Georgia Military College

Step 3: Submit Military Transcript

Additional information can be found at

VA Educational Benefits website

or viewing these Informational Videos.