Cost of Attendance

Georgia Military College (GMC) calculates the cost of attendance by estimating the student´s education expenses for the period of yearly enrollment. This cost of attendance reflects how much the student alone will need to spend to live and attend school.

Standard costs of attendance are developed each year, reflecting average costs of attendance for students in various situations. Students can view current tuition and fee rates at A cost of attendance is assigned to a student according to information obtained through the FAFSA. Students may appeal their cost of attendance, but they must be prepared to submit substantial documentation.

Per federal regulations, a student's cost of attendance will be adjusted if he or she withdraws from classes and the resulting enrollment status is less than full time. The adjustment to the cost of attendance may result in the student owing previously disbursed aid back to GMC.

Please click here to see the break down of the 2016-2017 cost of attendance for our Milledgeville Campus, Banch Campuses, and our Online Campus.