Is College Important?

We have one word for you, Opportunity.  In today's competitive job market, opportunity is crucial to success.  When you apply for that job, and your name is included in a list with so many other applicants, opportunity gets you to the top. When the promotions at work become available, opportunity grants you a chance to rise.  While it is true that true success comes from hard work and determination, you will not have a chance to put those qualities to work when every door to success remains closed to you. Your personal strengths ensure success, a college degree is the tool that opens the door of opportunity.

Consider this:

  • Over a lifetime of earning potential, college graduates earn approximately 40% more than those people who only hold a high school diploma.
  • College graduates stand a better chance at gainful employment, as statistics show that the unemployment rate is highest among workers without secondary education.
  • College graduates are far more likely to refer to their work as "their career", while people with a high school diploma are more likely to refer to it as "just a job".

In today's world, obtaining a college degree is a large investment, but not having a college degree is far more expensive.