Milledgeville - Cadets

Cadet Tuition and Fees

  Annual Cost Quartelry Costs
Tuition $13,290 $4,430
Fees $2,136 $712
Room $3,150 $1,050
Board $4350 $1,450
Total $22,926 $7,642


*Fee charges per term include:

Book Rental Fee   $238
Technology Fee   $150
Student Activity Fee   $75
Common Access Fee (Parking)   $45
Cadet Maintenance Fees   $204

(Includes all insurance, health, and academic access code fees)

Tuition and fees may be adjusted without any prior notification

GMC Cadet Uniform Cost: $925. All new cadets must be prepared to pay $925 for the distinctive cadet uniforms upon arrival. Cadets may receive reimbursement of their uniform deposit once they comply with the ROTC required procedures. Contact the GMC Military Science Department for specific details on uniform reimbursement at