Cadet Corps

Cadets enrolling at Georgia Military College are afforded at least two significant advantages that their peers in other institutions do not have. First, the cadets have the opportunity to develop their leadership potential and learn, first-hand, the value of teamwork and community that results from living and working together. Second, while the academics develop the cadets’ minds, the cadet organization facilitates the elevation of character.

The Corps of Cadets is organized and administered in a manner common to military organizations. The cadet regiment is composed of four cadet battalions and each battalion is composed of cadet companies. Each company is organized into platoons and each platoon has 3-4 cadet squads. A cadet chain of command is superimposed over this organization and given the responsibility to insure that good order and discipline prevail.

The Commandant of Cadets is charged with the health, welfare, discipline, and training of the cadets. Tactical Officers are assigned to each battalion to assist the Commandant in the accomplishment of this mission. Additionally, the Tactical Officers are mentors, coaches, counselors, role models, and disciplinarians.

Cadet leaders are appointed annually by the Commandant of Cadets. Leadership in the Corps of Cadets implies total responsibility for members of the Corps.

Only those cadets in the Early Commissioning Program and the State Service Scholarship Program incur a military service obligation.