Tuition & Fees

Georgia Military College has dedicated itself to offering the highest quality community college education at some of the lowest prices found. Nationally ranked for the value to students, GMC is college of choice for many people seeking to start or continue their college education. Tuition & Fees may vary from campus to campus, but there are certain values that can be found at each.

No Out-of-State Tuition

Most colleges will charge varying rates based on the home residence of the student. At GMC, all students pay the same low rate. So this means, if you are not a Georgia resident, the tuition & fees listed are what you pay.  This makes GMC an excellent value for students wishing to take classes in the state of Georgia.

Textbook Fee Program

Textbooks are a major expense for college students during the course of their studies. Anyone that has talked to students attending college courses will remember them bemoaning the costs of books because high textbook prices seem to be synonymous with college education. Well, we have great news for you. At GMC, students are provided the textbooks required for their coursework for a low per credit hour fee. No More Purchasing Expensive Textbooks! Our students love our textbook fee program, and we are sure you will as well.

Low Tuition & Minimal Fees

When comparing the costs of college, you have to take into account more than the tuition rate. Many colleges will advertise a relatively low tuition rate, but that is not all you pay. By the time they finish adding various fees for everything possible to your bill, the price you thought you were paying has grown exponentially. At GMC, we have low per credit hour tuition rates and very minimal fees.  

Please review the tuition & fee structure for the campus you wish to attend.