What is my login & password?

What is my Username, GMC Email address, and Password?

Your username is your first initial followed by your entire last name and your 4 digit birthdate in the format MMDD (everything in lower case letters)

For example, if my name is Bobby Cox and my birthday is May 21, then my username is bcox0521 and my student email address is bcox0521@bulldog.gmc.edu.

When your account is first created, your initial password is the last seven digits of your Social Security Number. It is highly recommended that you change your password.  When you change your password, it will be reset for all GMC online resources. 

Click here if you are still having difficulties finding your GMC username or email address.

Important Note: Your GMC Username, Email address, and Password will be used to grant you access to all of your personal student resources.  Please ensure that you remember your login information.