Transfer Students

Transfer Students - Students who have attended any other college must furnish GMC the following:

  • A $35 non-refundable application fee.
  • A properly completed official application form.
  • An official transcript sent directly from each and every college, technical school or university previously attended. Students applying for admission at GMC while still enrolled at another college or university must provide an official preliminary transcript showing work completed to date and then provide an official final transcript at the conclusion of the last term of enrollment. Official transcripts must note the student’s academic standing. Students transferring from institutions that do not post academic standing must request a statement of academic standing from the Registrar’s Office at their previous institution(s).
  • Applicants who have completed fewer than 10-quarter hours of regular college-level work must also meet all requirements for freshman admission. The requirement for submitting a high school transcript may be waived if the name of the high school and graduation date are annotated on a previously attended accredited college or university transcript and when 10 or more quarter hours of college-level work with a grade of “C" or better is evident. Students with college transcripts demonstrating completion of a bachelor’s degree or higher do not have to submit documentation annotating a high school graduation date.
  • Due to the challenges many students are facing with the coronavirus pandemic, for the 2021-22 terms, GMC is waiving placement placement testing requirements.
  • Students must be eligible to return to their previous institution immediately (i.e. not on suspension, exclusion, or dismissal). Students seeking admission at GMC following suspension from their previous institution must provide adequate documentation to explain the grounds for suspension. Those students who have been suspended may petition for admission at GMC following a one-term break in enrollment. 
  • Military members and former military members of the Army, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard must submit an official Joint Services Transcript sent directly through

Students’ academic progress at the prior institution will be evaluated by the GMC Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress and may result in a warning or probation status at the time of admission as well as impact access to available financial aid.