Placement Testing

Due to the challenges many students are facing with the coronavirus pandemic, for the Summer and Fall I 2020 terms, GMC is waiving placement placemnt testing requirements.


The placement test is designed to identify a student's skill level in reading, writing, and math at the time of admission to ensure the best opportunity for continued academic success.


About The Test

The test is divided into three parts:  Writing Skills (English grammar), Reading Skills, and Math.  Students may exempt some or all parts of the test with recent test scores and/or transfer credit. The test is multiple choice and is not timed.  The full test usually lasts about 90 minutes, but can be longer or shorter depending on the student's pace of work.  All materials are provided, including pencils, scratch paper, and calculator.  Students may bring their own calculators, but graphing calculators and cell phones are not permitted.  ACT's COMPASS Test web site provides sample questions in each area.

Test Schedule

The test is taken on a computer, so seating is limited and an appointment is required. 

If you are taking Online Campus classes, please contact your Online Campus advisor as soon as you complete the test.

To schedule your test, you may contact your admissions counselor, or you may request a test time by email or phone.   Please provide your name as it is written on your application for admission.  If you have not yet applied for admission, you cannot take the GMC Placement Exam.

Test Locations

Each campus has dedicated testing facilities. For online students, please work with your admissions counselor to schedule your test.

How To Request A Test Score Report

Each student is given a copy of the score report upon completion of the test.  If you misplaced your copy or need to provide an official copy to another institution, you may request one from the Testing Center.  The request must be made in writing, including the student's name, specific mail or pickup instructions, and signature.  (The student may also request a score report in person, but older test results may not be immediately available.)

Exempting The Test

GMC requires that most first-time freshman and some transfer students take a placement test to ensure proper placement into college coursework.  For more information on placement tests and preparing for them, please click here.  Students who do not score high enough on the placement tests will be required to take remedial courses.  Please take the time to prepare for your test.

  • If you have never attended college - If you have the following test scores, you are exempt from placement testing:
    • SAT Critical Reading score of 480 or greater within five years from date of application
    • New SAT (after March 2016) Reading score of 26 or greater within five years from date of application
    • ACT English score of 20 or greater within five years from date of application
    • SAT mathematics score of 440 or greater within five years from date of application
    • New SAT (after March 2016) Math score of 24 or greater within five years from date of application
    • ACT mathematics score of 18 or greater within five years from date of application
  • If you are transferring from another college - If you have English 101 and Math 109 (or equivalent) at you previous institution, you may be exempt from placement testing.

Retaking The Test

Students who are dissatisfied with their placement may opt to retest according to the following guidelines:


  • The highest score achieved will be used for placement
  • A student may retest if their score in an area is within the following point range of placing in college level courses

          - 5 points in mathematics

         - 10 points in English and reading

  • If a student has attempted an LSS course in the subject area of testing the option to retest is forfeited.
  • Students must wait a minimum of one week after initial testing. This week is required to provide students with study time in preparation for the retake.
  • A non-refundable fee of $10/area must be paid to the Business Office in advance of the testing session. The retesting fee is $10 for one area, $20 two areas or $30 for all Compass areas.