Forms & Links for All Students

Computer Use & Ethics Form - Read and sign this form to accept the terms of use for GMC's computer facilities before your first quarter of enrollment.  Please read the entire agreement, but you only need to print and sign page 4.

Information Consent Form - Students must complete this form to authorize someone else's access to their academic, financial, or disciplinary records with GMC and/or to act on their behalf.  It is recommended to have at least one contact listed on this form in case of emergencies.  Even with this consent, written records can only be released to the student.

Georgia GED Scores Request - Students who completed a GED must request an official GED transcript (not a diploma) with the official test scores.  If the GED was earned in Georgia, this web page includes the official request form and any additional information you need to request the transcript.  Please read the page and the form carefully before submitting.

Placement Exam Tips and Guidelines - If you are required to take the Placement Exam before being admitted to GMC, you may view sample questions, tips, and calculator guidelines on this web site.  GMC only requires the Mathematics, Reading, and Writing Skills tests.