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About This Program:

The Associate of Art (AA) degree in Studio Art prepares students for baccalaureate degree work in art at most four-year degree granting institutions through educating the student in the basic knowledge and skills of the field. The development of creativity, analysis, critical thinking, critique and portfolio presentation are integral to professional preparation in the workforce. The flexibility of the concentration allows for student focus on gainful employment or transfer to a four-year institution.  

Core Curriculum Requirements for the AA Degree

Studio Art Concentration Degree Requirements

What You Will Learn:

• Students illustrate descriptive meaning and critical thinking skills while creating original products that form an understanding of two-dimensional media.
• Students develop a mastery of media technique, art vocabulary and demonstrate critical judgements about visual art.
• Students develop a foundational understanding of style, content, and archival methods through portfolio creation centered on a student’s intended career path.
• Students demonstrate through written and verbal knowledge the ability to think critically about world-renown artists and their artwork while relating learned knowledge to creative work.

Students are assessed in this program through rubric assessments, presentation, group and individual critique methods, and instructor based assessment through the quality of work produced. Students pursuing the AA degree in Studio Art at Georgia Military College must provide a portfolio of finished work to the coordinator of the program.  Upon completion of an acceptable student portfolio, and with all other degree requirements fulfilled, the associate degree with concentration will then be awarded. 

Program Benefits:

According the Department of Labor Statistics, a career in Studio Art represents a large spectrum of career paths. Some examples of careers in this field are: Art Director, Architect, Art Educator, Fine Artist, Fashion Designer, College Professor, Interior Designer, Floral Designer, Graphic Designer, Animator, Illustrator, Sequential Artist, Industrial Designer, Textile Designer, Landscape Architect, Multi- Media Artist, Gallery Curator, and Arts Administrator. 

Studio Art Occupational Outlook

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Degree Program Coordinator:

Michael Gillies,

Humanities and Education Division Chair:

AnaLisa Ciuffetelli,