Secondary Education

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About This Program:

The Secondary Education program prepares students for transfer to education programs at four-year institution. It provides them with fundamental knowledge, competencies, and skills necessary to teach by emphasizing contemporary theory and research. Students participate in diverse field experiences and receive content preparation in one subject area for Secondary Education.

What You Will Learn:

  • Students will examine and understand the issues facing schools in today’s diverse society, including socioeconomic distinctions, gender, race, ethnicity, special education and the changing standards for future educators.
  • Students will explain the implications of current issues and trends relating to the education profession community for classroom practice.
  • Students will analyze specific psychological theories by examining teaching and learning processes.

Program Benefits:

Students graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Secondary Education are qualified to become Paraprofessionals (with an exam), teacher assistants, library assistants, day care instructors, etc. In addition, students will amass transferrable skills in communication, time management, critical thinking, problem solving, planning/organization, leadership and interpersonal skills. Students graduating with a 4-year degree in Secondary Education and passing the Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) exam (this type of test has a different name for each state) will be qualified to teach in grades 6-12.  In addition, students with this degree may work as a Day Care Instructor, GED instructor, Vocational Education Instructor, Teacher Assistant, Pre School Instructor, be a presenter from a textbook or children’s toys company or an educational vendor/company, library assistant, technical school instructor, historian, museum curator, archivist, etc. Students may obtain additional education (Master’s Degree, Specialist Degree, Doctorate Degree or certificates in counseling, technology, media, English as a Second Language (ESOL), Special Education, etc.) to become school administrators, counselors, Instructional Technologists, Librarians, ESOL teachers, special education teachers, etc.  Students who major in a content area and add on Education classes during the summer semesters have a much broader job field area (art, biology, behavioral sciences, business education, chemistry, foreign languages, geography, marketing, music, physics, psychology, etc.) as they can obtain jobs not only in education but in the private sector as well.

Program Length:

A.A. - 95/100 Quarter Hours
A.S. - 90/96 Quarter Hours

Average Cost for Degree: 

$13,230 - 14,700

Example Degree Program Map (AA)
Example Degree Program Map (AS)