Political Science

About This Program:

The Political Science associate degree is designed to introduce students to the fields of political science, international relations, and public administration. Students will learn the basic theories of political science as well as develop research, analytical, communication, and group skills. This degree will prepare students for further work toward a bachelor’s degree at follow-on institutions. Students will be prepared to pursue an academic career in the discipline in order to gain employment in the public, private, or educational sectors. Career paths typically associated with this degree include careers in the federal government, state/local government, nonprofits, law, business, international careers, journalism, precollegiate or collegiate education, and public service.

Our mission is to prepare students for the field of political science, public administration, or international relations by developing the necessary content knowledge, analytical skills, and research skills to be successful in the discipline.

Core Curriculum Requirements for the AA Degree

Core Curriculum Requirements for the AS Degree

Political Science Concentration Degree Requirements

What You Will Learn:

  • Students will develop and demonstrate research skills by conducting research.
  • Students will demonstrate understanding of and evaluate the fundamental theories and principles of political science.
  • Students will analyze and evaluate different sources of information to draw inferences about political behavior.

Program Benefits:

Political science offers students an array of career opportunities and skills.  Students interested in law, journalism, politics, government, or organizations will enjoy this academic career path.  Students will also develop strong research, critical thinking, and analytical skills.  This is also the common pre-law degree program for students interested in law school. Students will need to pursue a bachelor degree for most of the fields open to political scientists.  However, students will need to pursue a minimum of a master’s degree for most careers in academia and government.  A graduate with a degree in political science can prepare for careers in the federal government, state/local government, non-profits, law, business, journalism, elections, and academia.

Political Science Ocupational Outlook - Political Science, Law

Average Cost for Degree:

$13,230 - 14,406


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Degree Program Coordinator:

Sara Jeffords, sjeffords@gmc.edu

Social and Behavioral Sciences/Justice Studies Division Chair:

Lynda Lamarre, llamarre@gmc.edu