About This Program:

The AS in Kinesiology program prepares students for baccalaureate degree work in Kinesiology/Exercise Science at most four-year institutions by preparing them in the basic knowledge of this field. This includes study in the areas of anatomy and physiology, energy systems and bioenergetics, biomechanics, planes of motion, muscular contractions, exercise selection and testing, program design, injury identification and rehabilitation protocols, and coach/athlete interactions. Knowledge in these areas plays a significant role in the professional preparation of the student.

Core Curriculum Requirements for the AS Degree

Kinesiology Concentration Degree Requirements

What You Will Learn:

  • Students who complete this program will demonstrate an understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy and basic biomechanical principles.
  • Students who complete this program will demonstrate knowledge of energy systems and bioenergetics including metabolic regulation and adaptations to exercise.
  • Students who complete this program will be able to interpret fitness/testing data to minimize risk for injury/illness and formulate strategies to mitigate injury/illness risks.
  • Students who complete this program will be able to design and organize health and fitness programs for a variety of populations, including apparently health individuals, athletic populations, and/or other special populations. 

Program Benefits:

Students with this degree will be prepared to become personal trainers or fitness instructors; however, completion of a four-year degree in kinesiology or exercise science will prepare students for a career in human health and wellness. With further education, graduates could pursue careers such as athletic trainer, strength and conditioning coach, physical therapist, occupational therapist, sport psychologist, exercise physiologist, corporate wellness director, or college professor.

Occupational Outlook for Exercise PhysiologistsPhysical TherapistsAthletic Trainers, and Fitness Trainers and Instructors

Course Descriptions


Degree Program Coordinator:

Kurt Reinhard,

Natural Sciences Division Chair:

Randy Elvidge,