Health and Physical Education

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About This Program:

The Health and Physical Education program provides quality instruction in a variety of courses that appeal to diverse interests and reflect the needed course content appropriate for the first two years of study for students who select Health and Physical Education, or a closely related field, as a discipline they wish to pursue. The primary curriculum in the Health & Physical Education Discipline prepares students for programs of study at four year institutions in the following professional fields: Health Education, Outdoor Education/Recreational Leadership, Health & Physical Education, and Teacher Instruction Programs.

What You Will Learn:

  • Graduates will examine and understand the issues facing schools in today’s diverse society, including socioeconomic distinctions, gender, race, ethnicity, special education and the changing standards for future educators.
  • Graduates will explain the implications of current issues and trends relating to the education profession community for classroom practice.
  • Graduates will analyze specific psychological theories by examining teaching and learning processes law.
  • Students will develop their own philosophy of physical education based on an historical perspective (HPE 200).
  • Students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of human systems (BIO 208).
  • Students will obtain First Aid and CPR/AED certification (HPE 202)

Program Benefits:

Students with this major can assist in a health center or physical therapy center, be a technician, assist in data collection or help with preparing materials such as pamphlets or videos. Students graduating with a four-year degree in Health (Public/Community Health) or Physical Education could lead to securing a job in these fields: Health Education (teach people about wellness), Outdoor Education/Recreational Leadership, Health & Physical Education (teach in a high school), personal trainer, scout for athletic programs, and Teacher Instruction Programs (work for health insurance companies to teach members about wellness).  Students could further their education in the field of physical therapy and work in that field as well.  

Program Length:

A.S. - 91/95 Quarter Hours
A.A.S. - 91/97 Quarter Hours

Average Cost for Degree: 

$13,377 - 14,259

Example Degree Program Map