About This Program:

The AA in English degree program prepares students for baccalaureate degree work in English at most four-year institutions by creating a strong educational foundation in the development of critical thinking, writing, research, and communication skills, including English grammar and mechanics and foreign language.

Core Curriculum Requirements for the AA Degree

English Concentration Degree Requirements

What You Will Learn:

  • Creativity and Originality -Students illustrate creativity and originality in writing three of the following genres: exposition, contrast-comparison, argument, narrative, poetry and / or drama.
  • Skills- Students develop mastery of the mechanics of English grammar and syntax.
  • Analysis and Critical Thinking - Students demonstrate through written and verbal skills the ability to think critically about great authors and their works, knowledge of the literary canon and use of academic sources.
  • Foreign Language - Students demonstrate intermediate level skills in mechanics, grammar and syntax of a foreign language.

Program Benefits:

The A.A. in English degree lays the groundwork for future careers in education, journalism, public relations, technical and business writing, and other fields that require expertise in written and oral communication. Students seeking degrees in English need to work towards advanced degrees, including Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Ph.D. or Ed.D. in English.

English Occupational Outlook - Postsecondary Teachers, Secondary Teachers, Journalism/Writers and Authors, Public Relations

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Course Descriptions


Degree Program Coordinator:

Jennifer Van Vliet, jvanvliet@gmc.edu 

Humanities and Education Division Chair:

AnaLisa Ciuffetelli, aciuffetelli@gmc.edu