Message from the Academic Dean

Welcome to Georgia Military College (GMC). Our #1 strategic initiative is “Contribute to Student Success.” Our goal is to help you to be successful, both during the time you are here with us and after you leave. This is indeed a partnership and you are the critical element. We will provide you with experiences and opportunities to help you be successful, but you must be committed. In today’s world, the one constant that we can count on is change. The individuals who can learn and think on their own will be the most adaptable, the most innovative, the most forward leaning, the most valued, and the most successful people.

The faculty, staff, and administrators at Georgia Military College are committed to help you. We are a learner- centered institution and our goal is to help you learn how to learn and to become a life-long independent learner. All of our faculty are educated in their discipline (mathematics, history, science, etc.) and are knowledgeable in learner-centered instruction. They know their subject area and they know how to help you learn. I encourage you to get to know your professors, advisors, and staff. Utilize them as mentors as you proceed down the path toward a degree. You will find these professionals to be very caring and helpful people who are interested in your success.

Several years ago, GMC developed and implemented a First Year Experience (FYE) program in order to enhance student success and support the sometimes difficult transition during the first year of college.  As a part of FYE, a new course, Perspectives 101 College Success, was added. The course is designed to help you learn more about what GMC has to offer and where to turn for help or assistance when needed.  This course also teaches learning strategies to support your academic success at GMC.

To further support you in being successful, GMC has an Academic Support Services Department that provides free tutoring, supports the advising process, conducts placement testing to ensure that students are placed in the appropriate level course, provides student disability services, and supports the academic alert program to identify and support, as early as possible, students who need additional academic support.

Never before in our history have we had such easy access to vast amounts of information. Unfortunately, not all of this information is accurate or precise. Georgia Military College is addressing this issue by providing students with access to authoritative databases of information. This type of information is provided by experts in a field or discipline and it has been reviewed and approved by other experts in the field or discipline. Faculty members and our library staff will support you in your use of these information databases.

Critical thinking ranks high in the skills or competencies that faculty want students to acquire. It also ranks high in the skills and competencies that employers are looking for in their employees.  Because of the importance of critical thinking, Georgia Military College has developed an institution-wide Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that focuses on enhancing the critical thinking skills of our students. 

By choosing Georgia Military College, you have taken the first step in becoming an educated and ethical member of society. Upon graduating you can leave here with the knowledge and comfort that you have been well-prepared to continue with your college education toward a four-year degree (or higher) or to enter the workforce.

Throughout your journey toward graduation, please remember that you are not alone in this endeavor. Your professors, advisors, tutors, staff members, and the administration want you to be successful in reaching your goals. While you are here and even after you graduate, you will be a part of the Georgia Military College family--
a caring family, rich in tradition and history.

P.M. Holmes, Ph.D.
Chief Academic Officer and Dean of Faculty
Georgia Military College