Counseling Referral

The college years mark an important period of personal and psychological growth that may be stressful at various times. On occasion, you may experience difficulty coping with this stress. 

If you find yourself not being able to cope with the transition from high school to college or from the labor force to college, do not hesitate to seek assistance.

Ms. Judy Ely
118 Zell Miller Hall 
(478) 387.4958

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  • Oconee Center, 478.445.4817
  • River Edge Behavioral Health Center,  478.445.1290
  • Alcohol Abuse Hotline, 800.503.8572
  • Alcohol Detox First Step, 800.436.1940
  • Advantage Counseling Service
    Columbus, GA
  • Agape Center
    Columbus, GA
  • The Bradley Center
    Columbus, GA
  • Columbus Counseling Services
    Columbus, GA
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    Columbus, GA
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    Columbus, GA