Academic Excellence at GMC

The academic mission of Georgia Military College includes the development of the intellect and the elevation of character. The curriculum of the college is, therefore, a blend of expected student learning objectives of intellectual development in each course, as well as in character development activities and projects. This unique blend has characterized this institution almost since its founding in 1879 under a charter granted by the Georgia state legislature.

As a liberal arts community college, Georgia Military College has designed its degree programs to prepare students to transfer to senior level colleges. As you review the materials in the academic section of the catalog you will notice that the associate degrees of the college are all based in the liberal arts through a core curriculum identical in nature and thrust with almost every college in the United States. Preparation beyond the core in the specialized degrees varies depending upon the individual objectives you have set for your education.

In all degree areas the curriculum is based on the model that emphasizes student learning. In courses at Georgia Military College the learner is the essential focal point of the course with significant emphasis placed on mastery and assessment of student learning. We believe this unique approach will provide you a most dynamic and successful educational experience.