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The purpose of academic advisement is to facilitate the selection of courses that will be appropriate to individual student needs and goals. The advisement sessions provide an opportunity for the student to get professional assistance in the evaluation, selection, and accomplishment of the educational program that meets the educational, professional, and personal goals of the student.

Each student attending GMC is assigned an academic advisor to assist him/her in developing and managing the course selection process according to the student’s degree plan. The advisor is a faculty or staff member who has demonstrated expertise in the selection and planning of course enrollment. All course registration forms must be approved by an academic advisor as part of the registration process.

Each quarter there will be an opportunity for the student to meet with the academic advisor for pre-registration for the next college term. Pre-registration allows the student to pre-plan their academic schedule and to develop the best schedule of courses. Advisement is a cooperative effort that requires the guidance of the advisor and the acceptance of the student to achieve a schedule for completion of the education program best suited to the student's goals.

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Advisement  Guidelines

  • Know your advisor;   Contact your advisor through your Portal.
  • Discuss your goals and plans with your advisor so that the advisor may advise you on course work that supports such goals. If you plan to go to a specific senior college and know your intended major, that is important information for your advisor.
  • Inform your advisor of any change in your program or degree plans. If you choose your plans for a major or concentration, let the advisor know.
  • Plan with your advisor the pre-registration for the next quarter and possible registrations for future quarters.  Print and use the degree planner and degree requirements  to help you plan course selections for future terms. 
  • If you find yourself in academic trouble, discuss the situation with your advisor.
  • If you are having difficulty with your advisor, discuss the matter with the appropriate Faculty Chairperson, DLC Assistant Dean, or the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Keep a record of your advisement and registrations. Get a planning sheet for your degree program: Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science
  • Discuss the difficulty level of the courses with your advisor and plan a registration that realistically fits your time, work schedule, and abilities.
  • Don’t be shy about what you don’t know; ask questions and get answers.
  • Discuss any academic trouble you have with the appropriate professor, your advisor, the faculty chairperson, or OLC Academic Dean.


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