The core values of our college are discussed in the essay “The Georgia Military College Core Values: Duty, Honor, and Country” and summarized below:


Georgia Military College students are expected to demonstrate a high degree of personal responsibility. Said another way, students are expected to fulfill their obligations. The extent to which they are successful is measured by how well they fulfill their financial, disciplinary, academic, extracurricular, and personal obligations to the college and to faculty, campus organizations, and fellow students.


Georgia Military College students are expected to display a strong sense of personal integrity. They are expected to do the right thing, for the right reasons, in the right way, at the right time. As men and women of honor, students are expected to keep their word and fulfill their promises. Every student is bound by a Code of Honor that calls on each student to be truthful, respect the property of others, and do their own work. A GMC student does not lie, steal, cheat, or tolerate those who do. Our hope is that students will convert high standards for honesty practiced in the classroom to high standards for integrity practiced over a lifetime.


Georgia Military College is devoted to strengthening the love our students have for their country as well as their resolve to become contributing citizens. To this end, GMC students are offered frequent opportunities to practice selfless service in the communities where they study by taking part in service projects conducted college-wide. As well, they are afforded opportunities to affirm their loyalty to our nation and to reflect on the fundamental importance of our nation’s founding principles by observing and taking part in the frequent parades and ceremonies conducted by the college to celebrate important national events and holidays.