President's Report

Dear GMC Alumni and Friends,

As we celebrated Georgia Military College’s 139th birthday this year, I asked our fourth- and fifth-grade students what we should do next year to celebrate GMC’s 140th birthday, and they told me they wanted to celebrate by leading the formation! They’re excited to be here and eager to experience all GMC has to offer. Seeing our older students at the Prep School and Junior College win state and national championships in activities like literary, theatre, JROTC, and athletics makes them envision big successes in their future, and our faculty and staff are excited and ready to help facilitate those successes.

I couldn’t be more proud of our first elementary school classes in 80 years, and I’m excited for the opportunity to share with our young people the treasured values of Georgia Military College.

It’s amazing to look back at the last five years and see how much GMC has grown in a short amount of time. Since 2013, we’ve opened five new college campuses in Fayetteville, Dublin, Eastman, Albany, and Zebulon as well as adding three bachelor’s degree programs which have already produced 15 four-year college graduates. We are creating educational opportunity across the state of Georgia, and students are seizing that opportunity. Today, students from 92 percent of Georgia’s 159 counties attend classes at one of our GMC campuses.

To create more educational opportunities in our Prep School, we’ve broken ground on an Annex to the Prep School. This Annex will provide students with computer labs, reading and testing rooms, a multipurpose room, a combined cafeteria and auditorium, and a 1,428-square-foot visual arts studio. The Annex will be an invaluable resource where students will discover their own creativity and fall in love with the arts. They’ll discover the endless potential of their own intellect and that hard work and dedication pay great dividends.

Your support for GMC has been invaluable! So much of the success of the last few years was made possible by the generosity of our outstanding GMC Family, our wonderful alumni and friends. We’re in the business of creating opportunities and expanding possibilities, and without your support, we could never have achieved so much success in so short a time. We can’t thank you enough for helping to brighten the future and unlock the potential of so many young people.

LtGen William B. Caldwell, IV
President of GMC

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