JC Educator of the Year

Scott Dickson is the top LSS English and Reading Instructor at GMC's Valdosta Campus. In his more than five years  at GMC Valdosta, he has become a valuable asset not only to the LSS Department but also, and most importantly,  to our students.  His ability to connect with students and his dedication to the institution are unparalleled. Scott is truly a student-centered instructor.  He knows his students’ names by the second day of class and adapts his teaching style to better meet their needs.  He continually strives to make and keep his classes engaging, energetic, and fun. His witty comments and unvarying liveliness in the classroom bring smiles to the most somber of faces.  Considering his classes are LSS English and Reading that is no small feat!  On many occasions, Scott has asked my thoughts/ideas on classroom matters. He is continually improving his classes to create a more vibrant learning community. His concern/focus is always to do what is best for his students. Mr. Dickson is very active on campus.  Not only does he teach 5 classes a quarter, but he is seen helping out all over the campus.  Mr. Dickson serves as a test facilitator for students with disabilities requiring extra help with exams.  He often attends student orientation to welcome new students.  He talks to them and eases their fears. Mr. Dickson can also be seen at many student club activities.  If there is a club activity and he is available, you will see him there supporting the students and the organization.

Not only does Mr. Dickson help our students, he impacts the day to day activities at GMC in a positive way.  Mr. Dickson serves as a tutor, editing papers and helping students with grammar and reading.  He volunteers his time  by reading and judging the ethics essays each quarter, he coordinates the reading compass tests for online students, and he serves on the QEP committee to promote critical thinking on our campus. As a colleague, Scott is always ready to lend a hand, no strings attached.  He genuinely enjoys helping out as is evident by his involvement in various activities on campus: tutoring, orientation, committees, etc.  He takes initiative on tasks and completes them in an effective, timely manner. He works closely with Kara Jensen, the LSS Reading Coordinator, and makes sure that our reading instructors are current and up to date on their Reading Horizons certification / training.  When a LSS English instructor quit with two weeks left in the quarter, he volunteered to teach the class, without knowledge of additional compensation, evaluated the students, and gave them a refreshing end to a tumultuous quarter. 

Mr. Dickson has proven to be an asset to this institution and a standout employee.