JC Educator of the Year

Derrf Seitz is the 2018-2019 Georgia Military College Educator of the Year. He has two Masters Degrees, one in Mathematics from Wayne State University, and another in Software Engineering from Auburn University. Before coming to Georgia Military College, Seitz worked in the computer industry for 33 years as a Software Programmer, Designer, Architect, Engineer, User Interface Designer, User Interface Architect, Business Analyst, and Business Architect. He wanted to share his skills and experience with others, that’s when he came on board to teach at GMC-Columbus. He’s been an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the Columbus campus for nine years.

“I am honored to receive this recognition and am humbled and proud to represent GMC as Educator of the Year,” Seitz said. “Georgia Military College is a great and noble institution that helps me to develop as a true educator, providing a quality environment for teaching and learning. Helping students develop their intellect and character is a goal of mine. I want them to see that there is always a better way for everything. I want to impact peoples’ lives in a positive and meaningful way.”

Executive Director for Georgia Military College’s Columbus campus, Holly Arnold, says Seitz is a true asset to the GMC-Columbus team.

“Professor Seitz truly believes in the mission of Georgia Military College and he works to not only educate students in the disciplines that he teaches, but also to develop the moral character of the students in all of his classes,” Arnold said. “He feels that it is important to instill a sense of stewardship in our students, as well as a sense of pride in our campus and institution.”