JC Character Educator of the Year


Mrs. Lynda Lamarre perfectly exemplifies the mission of the college to produce productive citizens, encouraging both elevation of academic ability and strengthening of character.  As a professor of History, she exemplifies a Jeffersonian spirit that good citizens must be educated and enabled citizens.  She has always sought innovative methods to engage students in the classroom to think critically about information, causes and effects.  She challenges students not only to think and understand better, but to use that knowledge to be better people.  Students love her engaging style and the concern she communicates for them as individuals, while challenging them to be responsible and effective in all phases of their lives.

This has made Mrs. Lamarre particularly effective in working with the Student Honor Council. She has worked hard to help the students involved in Honor Council understand its purpose and mechanisms, and the nature of issues involved in potential cases. She is patient but firm in helping students brought to Honor Council clearly understand what has happened, why it has happened, and what options are available. Her spirit makes the Honor Council process function more smoothly as the learning opportunity it should afford.

She brings that same engagement to everything around her. This shows in her involvement in clubs and activities, such as the History Club.  She seeks to instill a sense of the significance of activities, trips and discussions.  She serves actively on campus committees and events, and brings focus on character development to planning, implementation and evaluation.  She is active in community charities and events, representing the college with grace and honor, and encouraging others to become engaged.  She is always ready with a word of encouragement or correction, delivered with humility and respect.

For all the ways she contributes to the success of the Augusta Campus, we are grateful to have Mrs. Lamarre as a faculty member.