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Keely Murner - (CotW) Initiative and Determination

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Keely Murner for earning the Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtues of Initiative and Determination. “I would like to nominate Keely Murner for the Character of the Week award for exhibiting the character traits of initiative and determination. During the 2009 Middle School Basketball season, Keely was consistently one of the first members of the team to arrive at daily practice. She stressed that she wanted to work on her basketball shot form and practiced for at least fifteen minutes before practice even started. Keely was always willing to ask for help and always wanted to reach perfection. Keely would also stay after practice, if she could, and continue to work on her shot. I am extremely proud of Keely and look forward to coaching her in the future. I feel that GMC is lucky to have such an athlete with the drive to succeed.” Nominated on March 5, 2010 By MAJ Jennifer Spencer Georgia Military College Prep Mathematics Department