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Cody Coppinger - JC Character of the Week

Georgia Military College Junior College Character of the Week Cadet Cody Coppinger "I would like to nominate this plebe for the Character Award. He has been on campus a short while but today has demonstrated many virtues such as   caring, consideration, dependability, encouragement, helpfulness , loyalty thoughtfulness and unselfishness in response to his barrack buddy’s illness. After leaving his roommate in the care of the clinic, he has returned several times to check on him  including to bring him food  even when that meant standing in chow line twice to obtain  official permission for a take- out meal.  He then went back to the barracks and cleaned their room and washed his buddy’s clothes.  With a “flu buddy” like this young man, I have confidence that our cadets will take care of each other." Sharon McClung RN GMC Health Services