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Chad Butler - (CotW) HUMILITY

Georgia Military College Prep School recognizes Chad Butler for earning the Character of the Week Award in demonstrating the virtue of Humility. "Chad is a member of the Middle School Cross Country Team. We had a meet on September 24th at GC&SU. The race was against four other teams. At the start of the race, the top six boys were sent in the wrong direction. Chad was in first place and had a very good chance of winning the entire race. The wrong turn took them on a longer course. Subsequently, Chad came in 12th place. Chad showed great character as he did not complain other than to admit they had been sent the wrong way. Chad was such a good sport about the whole ordeal. Chad is very deserving of this award and, as his coach, I could not have been prouder." Nominated on September 27, 2009 By Major Stacie Stevenson Physical Education/Cross Country Coach