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Character of the Week: Ariel Hansel and Bailey Grant

Character of the Week: Ariel Hansel and Bailey Grant It is not often that one sees teenage girls rise early in the morning to fold clothes, fill ice chests, and clean the debri and filth that accumulates in a football equipment room after a week of practice and a game, especially when their friends and classmates are enjoying sleeping in because it is Labor Day. I did not tell any of the young women who work for me as managers to be at our 7:30 practice on the morning of Labor Day because I wanted to give them the day off and allow them to fully enjoy their day of vacation. I was more than surprised when Ariel Hansel and Bailey Grant drove up in the parking lot and began tasks that I had planned spending most of the day trying to accomplish. With cheerful hearts and smiling faces they filled ice coolers, folded towels and football pants, hung up game jerseys, matched socks, and went to practice. I certainly could not have accomplished the many things that needed to be done on that day without their assistance. Their devotion to duty was clearly evident in their decision to get up, get dressed, and go to work. For this act I nominate them both for Character of the Week. LTC K. Scott Seagraves English Department