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Character of the Week: Adam Peeler

Character of the Week: Adam Peeler I would like to nominate Adam Peeler for his initiative, selflessness and compassion. The military dept has the responsibility of collecting payment for the PT shirts now required of all students. While the cost of these shirts is modest some students actually pay for this kind of expense out of pocket, or from money they earn doing odd jobs. Adam took it upon himself to approach me in an effort to purchase a shirt for a student that he knew was in need. He wanted to be discreet and arranged to have the shirt paid for so that the student would have the shirt needed for class, but he wanted to remain anonymous. He did not want recognition and his motivation was only to give someone a helping hand. Adam’s initiative and obvious concern for one of his fellow students is admirable and his display of compassion makes him my choice for character of the week. COL Bob Owens Senior Army Instructor