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Middle School Change of Command

On May 28, 2008, Georgia Military Prep held the Middle School Change of Command ceremony for the 3rd Battalion. The Change of Command ceremony is a time-honored tradition which formally symbolizes the continuity of authority as the command is passed from one individual to another. Participants included: Echo Company C/Cpt. Rem Tolentino - Outgoing Commander C/Cpt. Kevin Kirby – Incoming Commander 1SG Keidra Mapp Maj. Charles Myers Foxtrot Company C/Cpt. Katelyn Colburn – Outgoing Commander C/Cpt. Elliott Fairbrass – Incoming Commander 1SG Alex Byrne LTC Scott Seagraves Headquarters Detachment C/Cpt. Julia Whitaker – Outgoing Commander C/Cpt. KeShawn Harris – Incoming Commander C/1Lt. Ryan Thorne Maj. Larry Martin 3rd Battalion C/LTC Leanna Harbor – Outgoing Commander C/LTC Tori Spivey – Incoming Commander CSM Jake Frederick Maj. Garland Riner-Sr. Military Instructor (MS)