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Memorial Day Parade

Georgia Military College honored those brave individuals who have served our country with a special parade on Friday, May 16 at 2:30 p.m. on Grant Parade. The guest speaker was COL Fred Van Horn, USA (Ret.), GMC Executive Vice President, who spoke of the flag with three gold stars which was flown in memory of SGT Michael Stokely, JC 2002, SGT Chad Mercer, JC2000, and Specialist Daniel Gomez, attended Warner Robins campus in 2005. The Saber Award was presented to the following Company Commanders: Cadet/Cpt Matthew Cerneglia & Cadet/1SG Cortney Lokey (Company A, 1st Battalion); Cadet/Cpt Alvin Huff & Cadet/1SG Lauren Harbor (Band Company, 2d Battalion); and Cadet/Cpt Katelyn Coburn & Cadet/1SG Alex Byrne (Company F, 3d Battalion). The following individuals received sabers in recognition of their retirement from GMC and to honor their years of service to the school: Maj. Diane Sargent, GMC Prep Faculty; Maj. Alling Jones, GMC Prep Faculty; Mr. Joe Miller, GMC Warner Robins Faculty. The Distinguished Graduating Student Award was presented to the following: Eric Drake-GMC Augusta; Tamaro Ellis-GMC Atlanta; Renett Hambrick-GMC Valdosta; Helen Porter-GMC Warner Robins; Leah Prestwood-GMC Milledgeville; and James Sayers-GMC Columbus. This award recognizes a graduating student that is the best representative of the college and embodies all the qualities a graduate of Georgia Military College should possess. The Vulcan Materials Company Teaching Excellence Award was awarded to Ms. Amy Zipperer, Assistant Professor, Milledgeville Campus. This award recognizes a faculty member for excellence in teaching, high ethical standards, and service to the student body. The Distinguished Order of the Servant Leader Award was presented to Prep School Cadets Kip Goss and Sean Tighe. This award is presented to any member of the Georgia Military College family who completes 100 hours of community service in one year. This is an outstanding demonstration of selfless service.