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Character of the Week - Members of the Junior Class

Character of the Week Twenty Members of the Junior Class Nominated by Major Anne Mason I’d like to nominate the following juniors for going above and beyond the call of duty in decorating for the Prom. There are over 60 students in the junior class and one of their responsibilities is to be in charge of decorating prior to the Prom and take down the day after the Prom. The following 20 juniors stepped up to the task: Joey Waddell Mechelen Melder Kristen Coburn Alexa Anderson Haylee Deloach Christine Shaver William Lewis Mary Kathryn Mason Amelia Haslam Haley Smith Lindy Gilliland Garrett Hall Emily Langston Will Mosley John Johnson Sarah Beadles Kimberly Gamble Sara Frances Pressley Tori Ward Cassy Clayton