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Character of the Week – Kevin Kirby

Character of the Week – Kevin Kirby Kevin Kirby – 7th Grade Nominated by Major Larry Martin I am nominating Cadet Staff Sergeant Kevin Kirby for this award; On Tuesday 4 March 2008 Cadet Kirby and I were discussing the Middle School Color Guard, specifically tryouts for new members for next year. The question came up about their training and I instructed cadet Kirby to make a list of things that the cadets on color guard should know. I said I would look over it and provide feedback to him. Our discussion continued and Cadet Kirby suggested that that we could have a training guide for Color Guard. The next day, Cadet Kirby e-mailed me a complete Training Guide for cadets currently on Color Guard and those aspiring to be a part of the Color Guard team. What was so impressive about it was its thoroughness. It included qualification requirements, and diagrams of how to fold, carry, and march with the Flag. This training Guide he created will be the standard for Middle School Color Guard long after Kevin Kirby has graduated. This cadet has and continues to embody pride in his Duty.