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Military Honors Parade

Georgia Military College hosted a parade in recognition of cadets receiving distinguished military honors on Friday, February 29 at 2:30 p.m. on Grant Parade. The guest speaker was Major General W. Montague Winfield, Commanding General United States Army Cadet Command. The Distinguished Order of Servant Leader was presented to junior college cadets Gary Bostic and Kefira Baker for demonstrating outstanding selfless service by completing 100 hours of volunteer service during a calendar year. Recognition was given to the following members of the junior college ranger team: Cling Armstrong Andrew Long Scott Naelitz George Bowles Vince Camacho Andrea Herman Gary Bostic Nathaniel Spradlin The following members of the junior college drill team were honored: Candice Martin Shadonna Hampton Keinyotae Fulton Scott Shoup Kefira Baker Anne Murphy Roschelle Hollis Tobias Hall Joshua Cotton Larry Turner Geremy Thomas Tabitha Powell Paul Bronson Frederick Brown Clay Comer Joshua Moure Joseph Moure Dennis Chavez The following members of the junior college color guard were recognized: Kevin Ackerman Brian Deliso Bryan Jordan Grant Compton Chris Hoskin Edwin Arocho Prep student Chay Aycock received a “Coin of Excellence” from Major General Peter Boylan for her many ceremonial singing contributions. SAI AWARDS FOR Leadership: Awarded annually to the one cadet per LET level who displays the highest degree of leadership. LET 4-Rudy Mills LET 3-Nick Harper LET 2-Colby Pennington LET 1-Sean Tighe SAI AWARDS FOR Proficiency: Awarded annually to cadets who have demonstrated an exceptionally high degree of leadership, academic achievement, and performance of duty. LET 4-Kristen Whipple LET 3-Lauren Harbor LET 2-Matthew Harrison LET 1-Cory Thrower SAI AWARDS FOR Commendation: Awarded to the cadet whose performance of duty exceptionally exceeds that expected of a cadet of his/her grade and experience. LET 4-Will Grant LET 3-Haylee Deloach LET 2-Kip Goss LET 1-Trent Franks Following Major General W. Montague Winfield’s remarks, a 6th Brigade (ROTC) Change of Command Ceremony was held for the outgoing commander, Colonel James E. Knauff, Jr. and the incoming commander, Lieutenant Colonel (P) Francisco Betancourt.