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Character of the Week (HS) – February 1

Character of the Week (HS) – February 1 Renee Reeves – 10th Grade Nominated by Colonel Bob Owens Recently, one of our sophomore cadets from the Drill Team requested the opportunity to perform an individual routine that she had prepared under the direction of C/CPT Du and SFC Rutledge. The cadet performed in front of the battalion during drill. The performance, while outstanding, was not without flaw. The weapon was dropped while performing a maneuver, but this cadet pressed on to finish the routine with style and grace. The cadet was Renee Reeves. She joined the team as a freshman last year and has steadfastly improved, in spite of taking a real beating from this bulky and heavy weapon. She has even suffered a near serious head injury, but yet has persevered. She has refused to yield to the physical demands of the many complex moves and risks of personal injury. She has demonstrated courage and skill to perform SOLO in front of her peers. Cadet Reeves is an outstanding example of physical courage and perseverance. The military staff is proud of her, and the Drill Team admires her courage. Also, noted was the warm round of applause that the battalion rendered as a salute to Renee’s performance on that day. I nominate Renee Reeves as Character of the Week.