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Character of the Week (HS) – November 5

Character of the Week (HS) – November 5 Garrett Hall - 11th grade Nominated by Maj. Linda Brown I would like to nominate Garrett Hall for Character of the Week. I am not nominating him for any one particular action but for everyday behaviors that I have witnessed from him over the past few months as a student in my Geometry class. Garrett Hall is a very polite and conscientious young man. He always greets me each morning as he enters and leaves the classroom. Although quiet, he is a leader in my class. He always pays attention in class and tries to get others focused on the task at hand. Garrett is also quick to offer assistance or direction to his classmates who are struggling when he understands the concepts being discussed. When the class has gone outside to conduct activities, I have noticed that he is the one who is always holding the door for others or trying to make sure that his classmates have the materials they need before they leave the room. He goes about his day to day duties as a cadet and a student and doesn't expect any recognition or thanks in return. In his own quiet way, Garrett lives out the motto of "Character Above All" in everything he does.