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Mother\'s Day Parade

On May 11, members of the 128th Corps of Cadets honored all mothers and mother figures with a special parade to express their sincere gratitude for all of the love, care and nurturing that they provide. Mrs. Kathy Boylan, First Lady of Georgia Military College, was the guest speaker. The Order of the Centurion is awarded to cadets who meet the following criteria: possess a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, score 270 or above on the Army Physical Fitness Test, complete a 12-mile road march with full rucksack in less than three hours, and must demonstrate outstanding performance within the regiment. The following cadets have earned this distinctive honor: Paul Austin, Gary Bostic, George Bowles, Fredrick Brown, Michael Dolan, Kristopher Farrar, Michael Flynn, Brian Foster, Avery Fulp, Andrew Johnson, William Leek, Scott Naelitz, James Vary, and Roy Woods. The Distinguished Order of the Servant Leader Award was presented to junior college cadet Shadonna Hampton, and middle school cadets, Jasmyn Fuller, Danielle Cheney, Natasha Cheney, and Allison Truelove. This award is presented to any member of the Georgia Military College family who performs at least 100 hours of community service in one year. This is an outstanding demonstration of selfless service.