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Academic Honors Parade

Georgia Military College places great emphasis on helping our students become men and women of extraordinary character. To this end, constant focus is placed on the civic, physical, and academic development of our cadets. On April 20, we honored those young men and women of the 128th Corps of Cadets who have shown outstanding merit in the area of academics. Dr. John S. Roberson, GMC Professor of Mathematics, was the guest speaker. The following junior college cadets were recognized for being named to the President’s List for maintaining a quarterly grade point average of 3.70 or higher: Brett Bartlett, Blake Bowles, Frederick Brown, Roddell Carter, Jon Clausen, James Crawford, Michael Dolan, Ryan Eilenfield, Michael Flynn, Bryan Forester, Avery Fulp, Bryan Girouard, Andrew Johnson, Jonathan McCormick, Amanda Neil, Marcellus Simmons, Taylor Sivley, Christopher Supinger, Jon Vandeveer, and Roy Woods. The following junior college cadets were recognized for being named to the Dean’s List for attaining a quarterly grade point average of 3.20 to 3.69: Thomas Ayers, John Armstrong, Danielle Benoit, Brittany Brown, Leroy Burgess, Clifford Burns, Carlton Fears, Anthonyvan Garay, Kalef Lewis, Jonathan Lopez, Justin McBride, Ashley Meredith, Zachary Myers, Thomas Nelson, Cassandra Prescott, Jordan Rates, Patrice Reed, Jennifer Rhodes, Robyn Ricard, Stephanie Stander, Charles Thomas, Jessi Thomas, Alan Turner, James Vary, and Taneshia York. The following prep school cadets were recognized for being named to the Principal’s List for attaining a 90 or better average in all subjects and having a satisfactory disciplinary record: 12th GRADE Chris Couch Kenneth Stewart 11th GRADE Daniel Du Kasey Durden Amanda Gregg Alvin Huff April Lawson Rudy Mills Jenny Park Amy Patel Meagan Weaver Kristen Whipple 10th GRADE Alexa Anderson Sarah Beadles Michael Bunch Haylee DeLoach Jimmy Huff Hannah Lloyd Laura Magruder Dalton Pearce Jantzen Thomas Tori Ward 9th GRADE Shanterra Grable Rick Griffin Ariel Hansel Matthew Harrison Colby Pennington John Austin Vance Taey Wright 8th GRADE Wes Applebury Chris Brown Christin Cox Scott Gorham Julianna Grant Shelly Hastings Tiffany Johnson Logan McDonald Meg Moore Cory Thrower Sean Tighe Skylar Walker Alyssa Williams Kristen Zweizig 7th GRADE Jenny Brown Katelyn Coburn Abby Giddens Leanna Harbor Geovic Jadol Elise Riggins Rem-Martin Tolentino Spencer Tyson Mandy Weekly Kaitlin Whipple Julia Whitaker 6th GRADE Kaleigh Donnelly Elliot Fairbrass Meg Gray Kevin Kirby Cody Meeks Sarah Poole Colby Smith Donovan Spivey Savannah Williams