Director of Communications and Publications Jay Bentley

Jay Bentley is the Director of Communications for Georgia Military College. In his capacity as Director of Communications and Publications, Jay Bentley is responsible for inward and outward communications for all of GMC's college campuses, The GMC Corps of Cadets,  and the Georgia Military College Preparatory School.

He is also responsible for marketing collaboration between each department and all campuses.  He also heads up the department that publishes all GMC publications, including The Cadence Magazine and The President's Annual Report. 

Jay Bentley began his career at GMC in 2013 and had worked in financial services, online marketing, institutional marketing, and communications. He served as Director of Marketing starting in 2015 and took the helm as Director of Commmunications in 2016.

He has been in the Marketing Industry for over 20 years, has worked with Fortune 500 companies, and was CEO of Church Innovations, Inc for 11 years. 

Phone: (478) 387-0060