Character Speakers

Part of Georgia Military College’s Character mission is to “develop the intellect and elevate the character” of its students. There are many ways the institution does this across its campuses to include inviting distinguished guests to speak to Cadets and students about their life experiences. By sharing their stories, students are able to take in life lessons from people of various backgrounds and careers, and apply those lessons to their own lives.

Teaching character to students is one of GMC’s most valued traditions, and something that sets this institution apart from others. When students leave GMC, they should take with them more than just what they’ve learned in the classroom, but they should also take with them life experience.

March 10, 2021
Leadership Engagement Series - Charles CT Trumbo - (JC 2007)

January 15, 2021
Leadership Engegement Series - Ken Vance - Vice Chairman GMC Board of Trustees

October 23, 2020
Atlanta Metro Region Veterans Day Ceremony - Brigadier General Becky Halstead 
(U.S. Army, Ret)

Nov 10, 2020
GMC Prep School Cresting Ceremony - MG (Ret.) David Coburn
Executive Director of GMC-Columbus

September 30, 2020
Leadership Engagement Series - Bazzel Baz
Association for the Recovery of Children

September 18, 2020
Leadership Engagement Series - Charles "Buck" Bennett
Coastal Resources Overview

February 19, 2020
Leadership Engagement Series - The Honorable Floyd Griffin
Impact on Military Transition

January 10, 2020 
Leadership Engagement Series - LTC Charles Comfort

December 5, 2019
Leadership Engagement Series - Major General Maria L. Britt, USA, Ret
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