Georgia Military College (GMC) is an accredited public-independent liberal arts college with twelve community college campuses throughout the state of Georgia, a Global Online College and a main campus in Milledgeville serving both residential cadets and non-cadet/non-residential commuter and intercollegiate students. GMC is a federally recognized Predominantly Black Institution (PBI) with 56% of the student body being minority students. A primary focus of Georgia Military College is awarding Associate Degrees and preparing students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities.  A second focus is to provide pathways for students to attain their four-year Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree. Georgia Military College’s mission is to produce educated citizens and contributing members of society in an environment conducive to the development of the intellect and character of its students. “Start Here...Go Anywhere!” 

Character Education Program at GMC


Character Education Program

The goal of the GMC Character Education Program is to do what can be done, in the short time students are enrolled, to ensure that they leave the college and

 preparatory school better prepared to meet future ethical challenges and better prepared to be leaders and participating citizens in their communities.

GMC has long recognized two equally important components of a true quality education:

  • Development of the intellect
  • Elevation of character

At Georgia Military College, the first is achieved through accredited academic programs leading to an associate’s degree and a high school diploma. The second is achieved as a consequence of implementing a deliberate and intensive character education program—a program that occupies a position of critical importance in the college mission.