How to Apply

Students applying for federal aid using FAFSA on the Web will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) Information Acknowledgment within 10 to 14 days of submitting the application. Students applying using the paper version of the FAFSA will receive a SAR within 3 – 5 weeks of mailing the application. The GMC Financial Aid Office will receive the information electronically. Eligibility for Title IV aid is based on the information on the SAR, so the student should review it carefully. If any information is incorrect, the student should follow the instructions included with the form to make necessary corrections.


Utilize the following link to the Student's Guide to the Free Application For Federal Student Aid

Student Guide to FAFSA

Verification is a process used to check the accuracy of the information that a student and/or parent gives when applying for financial aid. The GMC Financial Aid Office will notify the student if selected for verification by the federal processor and will request certain documentation in order to complete the verification process. Until the verification process is complete, no Federal Funds may be released to the student. D. Once the file is complete, the student will be notified of eligibility and the amount of aid available through an award letter. If aid has been denied the student will also be advised by mail.

Verification Information

2015-2016 Verification Information

Initial Steps

  1. Submit an Application for Admission to Georgia Military College.
  2. Complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for federal student financial aid and to apply for some state and college aid. Applying online with FAFSA on the Web at is faster and easier than using a paper FAFSA.
  3. Apply Faster - Sign the FAFSA with a U.S. Department of Education PIN. You can apply for a PIN at before beginning FAFSA on the Web. The PIN will be received within a few days, and then the FAFSA may be signed electronically when the FAFSA is submitted. If providing parent information, one parent must sign the FAFSA. To sign electronically, the parent can also apply for a PIN at

To receive consideration for state aid, complete the electronic version of the Tuition Equalization Grant application (E-TEG) by logging onto