BYOD Columbus

Georgia Military College Columbus campus is a proud participant of BYOD.  Every student is required to “Bring Your Own Device” to every class each day; this means our students are required to supply their own Microsoft-enabled laptop or netbook.

The BYOD model was developed to assist in preparing our students for the rich world of technology beyond graduation, whether in the workforce or at other institutions of higher learning. Students have wireless access throughout the campus supported by a state-of-the-art wireless, mesh network. Professors require students to plug-in and access the GMC Online portal in every class; this gives students more mobility and instant feedback.  Ultimately, our students are sure to come out on top in the ever-changing world of technology. Have you got your laptop?

Bonus: Every student at GMC Columbus is eligible for a FREE Microsoft Office download; this is a $399.99 value!  Access our O-Prep Course to download your free copy (must have a valid GMC student e-mail address to access download).

Because GMC Columbus is a BYOD or "Bring Your Own Device" campus where all students are required to bring their personal laptops to every class and appointment, it is vital that all new students prepare themselves and their computers for the high-tech demands that will begin on the first day of classes and even before.

Students are therefore required to complete two phases of New-Student Orientation:

  1. O-Prep - An online course you will complete prior to attending on-the-ground orientation
  2. Orientation - An on-the-ground event that you will be scheduled to attend after completing O-Prep.

Both phases of New-Student Orientation are required and are vitally important to your success at the Columbus campus of GMC.

You (and your parents, if they wish) may complete O-Prep at your convenience by  Clicking "O-Prep" and using the Login and Password below.  Make sure you complete O-Prep prior to your scheduled Orientation on campus. 

O-Prep Course
Login: gmccolumbus
Password: gmc123

BYOD Other Campuses

All campuses have wireless hotspots located throughout the campus.  Students are encouraged to bring their computing and mobile devices to the campuses for use.