History Club

Club Advisor: Professor Lynda Lamarre, llamarre@gmc.cc.ga.us


Fridays @ 1:00 p.m. in the Student Lounge

Club Officers:

President:  Sarah Morgan
Vice President:  Christopher Buis and Joanna Caruso
Secretary:  Eva Morgan
Treasurer:  Donna Castleberry
IT Coordinator:  Christopher Buis
Public Relations:  Josh Prather and Josh Willis
Social Chair:  Keith Fleming, Greg Taylor, and Andrew Buckner


The Georgia Military College Historical Society of Augusta’s mission is to provide an environment that stimulates the exploration of the past, as it relates to the present and future, increase student awareness and understanding of historical events and concepts, promote academic scholarship, provide students with an opportunity to socialize with others who have similar interests and to develop their leadership skills through office holding and service.

Any student currently enrolled at Georgia Military College or any Georgia Military College Alumni shall be eligible for membership in the GMC Historical Society of Augusta. The only criterion is the love of history.


The GMC History Club meets every Friday at 1:00 p.m. in the student lounge. The dates and times of meetings can be adjusted to accommodate student schedules. Club members have fun with history by discussing historical details that are not always included in standard class lectures, dispelling or confirming historical accounts and myths, and debating history in general. The History Club selects a different historical theme every month and engages in themed activities.

Club activities include a monthly movie night with snack and drinks. The movie shown is always related to the theme of the month. Other activities include off-campus field trips to historical sites or event and lectures presented by local historians.

*Available at our Augusta Campus