What Kind of Student Am I?

Degree Seeking

Degree seeking students make up the largest segment of our student body. We offer Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees in a variety of majors, as well as the opportunity to transfer credit to four-year schools for bachelor’s degree programs.

Non-Degree Seeking

Students not seeking a degree at GMC who wish to attend for personal enrichment are welcome at GMC and encouraged to attend. However, because regular admissions and prerequisite requirements still apply while certain financial options may be limited, it is recommended that such students declare a major while attending at GMC.

First-Time Freshmen

Students who are entering college for the first time are considered first-time freshmen.  First-time freshmen are degree-seeking students.  If you have ever attended another college, you cannot be considered a first-time freshmen (does not apply to students enrolled in Dual Enrollment/ACCEL programs).

Transfer Students

Degree seeking students who have attended another college in the past are considered transfer students.  

Transient Students

Transient students have temporary permission from another school to attend GMC for a specific time frame (usually one term).  Many of our transient students enjoy the convenience of GMC’s 8-week quarter system, allowing them to complete required classes in a shorter time frame.

Instead of a transcript, a transient student must provide transient authorization (usually a letter or form) from their primary institution’s registrar’s office.  This authorization should list the courses the student may take at GMC as well as when the courses should be taken.

Joint Enrollment or Early Admission

Georgia Military College recognizes the need to allow talented high school students the opportunity to accelerate their formal education through two programs: joint enrollment and early admissions.

Joint Enrollment: After a successful sophomore year, rising juniors and seniors who are on track to graduation may take college courses at GMC. The student continues in high school, while taking college courses for credit.

Early Admissions: For academically talented students who have completed their junior year and desire to enroll as a full time student.

The admission standards for both the Joint Enrollment and Early Admissions programs require:

A minimum SAT score of 970/ACT score of 21.
A minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.00 or higher on a 4.0 scale in courses taken from the required 16 CPA (College Preparatory Curriculum) units.
Written approval/recommendation of the high school principal or counselor.
Written consent of the parent(s)/guardian(s).
Exemption of all learning support requirements.