Transferring Course Credits to GMC

Credits earned in college-level courses at universities accredited by a regional accrediting association may be fully transferable according to the general admission policies for transfer students. Credits will be accepted as follows:

  1. Georgia Military College may award transfer course credit for work completed at other regionally accredited colleges in which a grade of “C” (2.0) or better was earned. Such credit will be awarded based upon comparability of the course(s) with existing GMC credit course offerings, degrees and majors. Students planning to continue their studies for a more advanced degree in science or technology must consult with their advisor to determine if credit transferred in these areas is appropriate considering that the pace of research or technology may have overtaken its content. If such a determination is made a petition should be submitted to the Associate/Assistant Academic Dean to have the transferred credit removed from the student’s active degree program and their Georgia Military College transcript so the student may retake the course.
  2. Georgia Military College will only award transfer credit for up to 67.5 quarter hours. In meeting this requirement transfer credits are awarded into the core curriculum first and the student’s declared degree concentration second. Additionally courses that have GMC equivalent take precedence over courses that do not have a GMC equivalent and are therefore transferred first. Students may request an exemption to this policy by petition to Vice President of Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty.
  3. Credit earned at regionally accredited technical colleges may be accepted depending on the student's degree program, level of courses at the technical college and the accreditation level of the technical college. See the Technical College System of Georgia Transfer Guide for more information.
  4. Learning Support Services class completion at regionally accredited technical colleges may be used to assist in determining placement level. These courses are not transferable for credit into a degree program.
  5. Upper division courses (those numbered above 299 that reflect junior/senior level classes) generally are not transferable but may be accepted with petition approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty under extenuating circumstances.
  6. The PER 101 course (College Success) is required for all degree-seeking students, except those transferring 36 or more quarter hours into GMC in good academic standing according to GMC standards of academic progress, and must be completed during a student's first term of enrollment at GMC.
  7. Students transferring from a semester system institution will have credit converted by multiplying semester hours by 1.5. Example: 3-semester hour course x 1.5 = 4.5 quarter hours. Students transferring courses may use a course transferred into GMC to satisfy corresponding course requirements in a GMC degree track. Typically, students will be required to take additional course work in order to complete degree quarter-hour requirements. Students may also petition the Associate/Assistant Academic Dean regarding credit shortfalls due to transfer credits.
  8. Military training/experience and schooling will be evaluated for credit toward a GMC degree as recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE) Guide.
  9. Formal military training will not be transferred or credited toward ROTC courses. ROTC courses at other colleges may be transferred toward a GMC degree.
  10. Military personnel on active duty under a SOCAD agreement with Georgia Military College will be considered in continuous enrollment in pursuit of their degree until the degree is conferred or until a student transfers to another institution. Military personnel who leave active duty are allowed six (6) months to reestablish active pursuit of their degree by attendance at GMC or by transfer of courses earned at another institution to GMC. If a former SOCAD member does not reestablish his/her degree pursuit within six (6) months, and later returns to take course work, he/she will be readmitted under the catalog in effect at the re-entry date.
  11. SOCAD and SOCNAV students may transfer 15 quarter hours of the GMC residency requirement from another accredited SOCAD or SOCNAV college. This is in addition to the 67.5 quarter limit for a total of 82.5 quarter hours.