Make an Appointment to See Your Advisor:

Sarah Hulbert:

Columbus Advisee Responsibilities — What is Expected of You

  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor each term to select classes for your next term.
    • TIP: You won't be allowed to register until you are advised.  Make your appointment EARLY in the term before classes fill.
    • TIP:  Keep your scheduled appointment, and be on time and prepared for it.  If you must reschedule, notify your advisor of the reason, and never reschedule more than once!
  • Prepare for your appointment by printing your Academic Evaluation from Web Advisor and selecting classes from the posted schedule

The Columbus Academic Advising Program Mission
The mission of the academic advising program at GMC Columbus is to intentionally assist students in identifying, understanding and achieving educational, personal and professional goals by following a path of learning and discovery.  To that end, advisors will foster student success by facilitating an educational experience that holistically leads students to become self-directed, life-long learners and decision-makers.

Advising as Teaching and Learning:
According to the National Academic Advising Association, academic advising is an educational process that facilitates students’ understanding of the meaning and purpose of higher education and fosters their intellectual and personal development toward academic success and lifelong learning (NACADA, 2004).
At Georgia Military College in Columbus, we believe that advising is teaching.   Thus, the academic advising program allows you to be partnered, and build a professional relationship, with an advisor who is a full-time, teaching faculty member.  This partnership offers you the opportunity to gain assistance in developing your educational degree plan, to learn the skills required for academic success, and to understand the wealth of services and resources available to assist you in achieving your academic and personal goals.

You and your advisor share the responsibility for ensuring effective advising.  Your faculty advisor takes his/her advising responsibilities very seriously.  You too must assume an equally dedicated and active role in the advising process to ensure that the advising partnership is a successful one.