The mission of the academic advising program at GMC is to intentionally assist students in identifying, understanding and achieving educational, personal and professional goals by following a path of learning and discovery. To that end, advisors will foster student success by facilitating an educational experience that holistically leads students to become self-directed, life-long learners and decision-makers.

The purpose of academic advisement is to facilitate the selection of courses that will be appropriate to individual student needs and goals. The advisement sessions provide an opportunity for the student to get professional assistance in the evaluation, selection, and accomplishment of the educational program that meets the educational, professional, and personal goals of the student.

Advisee Responsibilities — What is Expected of You
• Schedule regular advising appointments prior to registration and at other times as needed
• Keep your scheduled appointments, be on time and be prepared for the advising session (or be prepared to wait until late registration to be advised, requiring a payment of the late registration fee)
• Bring your advising portfolio and all required documents to the scheduled advising session
• Keep your portfolio organized, and update it regularly
• Bring questions and/or other materials you may need to discuss to the advising session
• Become knowledgeable of college policies, programs and procedures

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